Life coaching is my passion. The practice of life coaching has literally transformed my life. The lessons I have learned  guides me through my every day life. The tools I have attained support me to put past traumas behind me, guide me to find clarity in all circumstances, and have confidence to embrace any challenge.

As a little girl I faced challenges that shaped my life. My family moved when I was 5, then 10; and, at 15, I went to boarding school. During my childhood I experienced both sides of bullying; was once violated by a coach; had an eating disorder; and struggled in school. All these experiences left me shy and insecure, not knowing how to speak up or to ask for help. In attempt to avoid dealing with these issues, I acted out. In and out of therapy, I was unable to come to terms with my circumstances and I was left feeling confused and uncertain. My journey through life coaching has given me the ability to move forward and rewrite my story.

As a mom, I didn’t want my girls to hurt, so I tried to avoid any type of uncomfortable situation. As a life coach, I know this is unrealistic. Trying to shelter them hinders their opportunities to learn from and deal with the challenges they face. What happens to them is not always controllable. What they can control is how they deal with it.

My dream is for all girls to believe in themselves, be empowered, and gain confidence.